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  3. 北大附中“最美校園”系列攝影大賽之“一葉知秋”

    發布:道爾頓學院 2017年10月20日









    The beauty of autumn is when the Gingko leaves turn yellow.




    The beauty of autumn is seeing the first ray of dawn.




    The beauty of autumn is taking a glance at the glowing lanterns after a long day of work. 




    The beauty of autumn is seeing the resurgence of energy and passion in fellow students’ eyes as the leaves get more colorful.




    The beauty of autumn is walking with a buddy of yours while breathing the crisp cold air.





    What makes you feel good about being on campus during the autumn season?

    Send us one amazing photo that you think wil tell the best BDFZ autumn story! 


    Submission Deadline: Nov. 17, 2017



    1st prize: Polaroid CUBE sports camera 



    2nd prize: Snowdon—A Life in View




    3rd prize: Momax Iphone Lens



    評審 Vote




    The ten best pictures will be selected by out judges on November 22nd. A vote will then take place for the three best photos.

    參與細則 Participation Requirments 

    • 每人限提交兩張照片作品。

      Two photos maximum per person.

    • 照片類別:a. 教學樓/設備/校園;b. 學生活動/學校活動;c. 人物:學生/教師/指導老師等。

      Photo categories: a.buildings/facilities/campus; b. student activities/school events; c. people: students/teachers/counsellors, etc.

    • 可以使用任何相機拍攝。

      The photos can be taken using any kind of camera.

    • 所有用郵件發送的圖片必須是壓縮版的高清圖片。每張圖的大小不應超過10MB。

      All photos sent by email must be a high-resolution digital image file in JPEG format with minimum compression. Each image should not exceed 10 MB in file size.

    • 細微的修圖是允許的(例如:提亮顏色或者截圖)過分的修圖將被視為不合格的作品。

      Minor digital manipulation (i.e. color enhancement, cropping) is allowed. Excessively manipulated photos are grounds for disqualification.

    • 不接受拼圖作品。

      Collage or photo montage will not be accepted.

    • 圖片必須是參賽者的原作而且不可以包含侵犯他人權利的信息,包括隱私和知識產權。

      The photo must be an original work by the participant, and must notcontain material that violates or infringes on another’s rights, including publicity and intellectual property rights.

    • 本次大賽面向所有北大附中學生和員工開放(無論你是初學者還是專業攝影師)。

      The competition is open to all BDFZ students and staff members (whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer).

    投稿方式 Submission

    學生請編輯“學院/書院、年級、姓名和作品名稱”發送郵件至: gaoqing@i.www.50biz.com 

    教職員工請編輯“部門、職務、姓名和作品名稱"發送郵件至: gaoqing@i.www.50biz.com


    For students, please email your picture(s) to: gaoqing@i.www.50biz.com and do not forget to write your grade, your name and the title of your photo(s) in the email subject line. 

    For staff members, please email your picture(s) to: gaoqing@i.www.50biz.com and make sure to write your job title, your name and the title of your photo(s) in the email subject line. 




    Note: Please note that every contestant owns the copyright of the submitted pictures. Contestants also give permission to BDFZ to use without payment a free licensing right to unlimited access to the submitted images for brochures and website.





    Copy: BDFZ Dalton Academy

    Photo: BDFZ Alumni Association