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  3. CIS 2014 College/University Tour to China

    發布:心理中心 2014年03月24日 點擊:


    Date: March 25, 2014, Tue.


    11:00 - 11:30 Workshops

    (Need to register-Deadline: March 24, Monday, please sign the form on the door of College Center, South building, second floor)

    Workshop I:  The College Search: Choosing the College that’s Right for You

    Workshop II:  The College Essay

    Workshop III:  GPA Game

    11:30-1:15 College Fair

    Location: South Building Main Hall 

    Please check the information of CIS universities and a inquiry card in the attachment.

    You can fill the inquiry card in advance and make some copies. Bring the completed inquiry card with you and give it to each college you are interested in. In this way to save your time to fill it out during the fair.